The five nice and five Worst States for Nurses


in case you’re approximately to graduate from university and get your nursing license, you might be looking ahead to starting your profession with mixed emotions. On the one hand, nursing careers pay properly and provide low fees of unemployment; on the alternative, getting began can be a struggle. it may be hard to get the minimal or three years of experience that many employers search for in a brand new lease.

With this in thoughts, WalletHub these days evaluated all 50 states and the District of Columbia to become aware of the excellent and worst states for nurses – especially new nurses – in the U.S.


(photograph credit: tiffany98101/Flickr)

WalletHub’s methodology analyzed 14 metrics in important areas, opportunity & opposition and work environment, to look which states supplied the excellent aid for nursing careers. Metrics included starting earnings (adjusted for price of dwelling), nursing-process openings, educational possibilities, obligatory overtime restrictions, and average range of work hours. the total ranking is here; these are the 5 pleasant and worst states for nurses in the U.S.:

high-quality States for Nurses:

1. Washington:

opportunity & competition Rank: 7

work surroundings Rank: 7

2. Illinois:

possibility & opposition Rank: 20

work surroundings Rank: five

3. Texas

opportunity & competition Rank: 3

paintings surroundings Rank: 19

4. Oregon:

possibility & competition Rank: 17

work environment Rank: eight

5. Iowa:

opportunity & competition Rank: 4

paintings environment Rank: 17

Worst States for Nurses:

1. District of Columbia:

possibility & competition Rank: fifty one

work surroundings Rank: 33

2. Louisiana:

opportunity & competition Rank: forty nine

work environment Rank: fifty one

three. Hawaii:

possibility & competition Rank: 50

work surroundings Rank: 20

four. Alabama:

possibility & competition Rank: 29

paintings environment Rank: forty nine

5. South Carolina:

possibility & opposition Rank: 32

paintings environment Rank: 43

For more records, see WalletHub’s listing.