Five ways to spring clean your career

"Make use of the company's training opportunities through online sessions and courses, enablement videos and knowledge sharing," says Richard Lobo, head of HR at Infosys.

Work siesta is a common phenomenon that could strike any professional as the daily run-around of personal life and professional life does not leave the mind space to think about what kind of cobwebs develop. At any such juncture spring cleaning your career may be a good way to go forward. ET brings a few tips from experts on how to spring clean your career.

1. Introspect & Redefine

It is important for employees to stay on top of new trends and technologies through constant reskilling and training. “Make use of the company’s training opportunities through online sessions and courses, enablement videos and knowledge sharing,” says Richard Lobo, head of HR at InfosysBSE -0.86 %.

2. Network & Reconnect

While you are in your spring-cleaning mode, look back at your professional and social network. Have you really connected with your key networks or were simply just following them. It’s time to rework on your LinkedIn profile: add your skills and titles and keep your profile updated. “You may especially choose to connect with those people who might be valuable to you from a career perspective and thus show that you value them,” says Dhar. “Get yourself enrolled in relevant professional groups and ..

3.Seek Advice

Every event in life can be viewed through multiple perspectives. We get used to viewing events from a certain angle. Discussions with peers, experts, counsellors and well-wishers help one see an event from multiple perspectives, says Mishra. This helps one decide what kind of a change that one can seek in the career path. The solutions can be multiple — job change, new location, new boss, new area of work, entrepreneurship, part-time volunteering or re ..

4. Rebrand

Updating yourselves constantly is critical in the ever-changing and competitive market. Check on all the certifications and trainings relevant to achieving your goals that you probably were looking forward to undergo sometime in future, says Dhar. “It’s time you get going and rebrand yourself with new skills. You may take your career in the next level. If you seek to advance your career and gain functional knowledge in business, you may want to consider taking an online MBA California.

5. Chart Way Forward

It is important that one decides what direction or goals one would like to pursue, says Mishra. “While these choices need not be cast in stone, it is important that these choices are made with a medium – to long-term perspective. In today’s world, a five-year horizon is a good time for which one should have a definitiveness about the path chosen,” he adds.