India in talks to buy Cellbrite’s Hacking technology for iPhone hacking

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Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization, an Israel-based forensics company that manufactures data extraction, transmit and scrutiny devices for cellular phones and mobile devices, is reported to shake its hand with the Indian government to break the security systems of encrypting devices in coming days. Cellebrite has already helped the FBI to get access to the contents of the iPhone 5C of a suspect who was allegedly caught up for the involvement in shooting case of San Bernardino last year and now it is expected to merge with Indian security system soon export some of its technologies to the country.

To recall, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) consulted Cellebrite after Apple denied to help for accessing the private contents of iPhone 5C, stating it to be the violation of consumer privacy. Soon after the successful assistant to FBI, Cellebrite came to limelight and now Indian Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) is reported to make a deal with the organisation for buying some its tech to infiltrate the encrypt devices. Now the conversation is on the move and Indian is expected to get hold of some proven Cellebrite technologies to unlock iPhones and other encoded devices, on its own.As per the report published by The Economic Times, India, within a month is buying the technology from Cellebrite and the deal will turn up soon after the conversation is over. It means, soon Indian government will be able to help other countries to crack the coded iPhones and other encrypted gadgets. As said by The Economics Times, Cellebrite has already helped the Indian government in solving many high-profile cases and now by acquiring the complete set of technology; it will be able to break encoded gadgets when required.

[Source:-The TeCake]