Know Your Rights Under Workers’ Compensation

If you live in Oregon and are gainfully employed, you should know that your employer is required by law to carry workman’s’ compensation insurance, or workers’ comp. The reason behind this rule is to protect you, the worker, from having to handle a work injury on your own. Doing so many create catastrophic consequences for your financial situation, currently and in the future. You should know your rights under the law, so you know how it works in case you need to utilize it.

Getting Sick From Work

Some illnesses can be attributed to certain working environments. For example, asbestos exposure can cause respiratory issues. A few short decades ago, people didn’t know that asbestos was dangerous and causing people exposed to it to fall ill. As time has gone on, however, it is a known source of serious illness and death. If your job doesn’t expose you to toxins, but instead to repetitive actions, you may wind up succumbing to a repetitive injury. The treatment relating to this type of injury is covered under workmans comp oregon.

Getting Injured

You may slip and fall on a wet dock, or you may cut yourself on a piece of equipment. Getting injured at work is the number one thing people need to file workers’ comp claims for. Not all injuries are covered, so be mindful of your actions. If you are found to have been in direct violation with safety protocol that you knew about, you may not wind up getting compensated for your injuries.


Filing a claim for workers’ compensation insurance is a lot like filing a claim against your car insurance after an accident. There is a process that is followed before benefits payout. When you report an injury to a supervisor, it gets the claim process going. If your injury is valid, you may start receiving medical treatment or reimbursement for treatment you’ve already received, as well as compensation for time off work.

Workers’ compensation may seem daunting, but it is a process that can help save you in the event you need it.