Midnight snacker? Junk the chips and dips, opt for these 10 healthy food items instead

Many studies link midnight snacking to weight gain. But if you stay hungry all night, you are more likely to pick an unhealthy breakfast option.

Our bodies are the least active during night time. That’s why many studies link midnight snacking to weight gain. Some studies have also claimed that eating late in the night is linked to stress eating, which makes one crave for sugary treats.

In an ideal scenario, it is best to ensure that you eat small meals through the day. And if you do end up craving a meal at night, opt for these healthy snacks instead. Because if you stay hungry at night, you may end up picking an unhealthy breakfast the next morning.

1) High fibre cereal with low-fat milk: Go for half a serving to keep you full through the night.

2) Greek yoghurt: Pick the unsweetened version. Its high protein and low sugar content will help you build lean muscles.

3) Banana: This fruit is rich in potassium and can be easily digested. It will also helps satisfy your sweet craving post dinner.

4) Almond: Fibre in almonds will keep you full and at the same time provide some much-needed vital minerals.

5) Cup of low fat milk: Milk will help repair muscles while you take your beauty sleep.

6) 1 hard-boiled egg with toasted whole wheat bread: If you are very hungry, you can opt for an egg. This is filling and carbs will leave you satisfied.

7) Apple: This fruit is loaded with nutrients and fibre. It is one of the healthiest snacks for any time of the day.

8) Popcorn: Watching a late night film? Get a bag of plain popcorn to keep you company.

9) Salads: Pick kale, spinach, cucumber and carrots. Add a dressing of olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. And you’re good to go.

10) Roasted nuts: Packed with fibre, calcium and proteins. Roasting all adds flavour.