PM tours Belgrade Waterfront construction site


“Workers who are engaged in the project are building the future of Serbia and that the project will be a landmark of the whole country,” he said, according to the government’s website.

He “stressed that the construction of this residential and commercial complex, where 400 to 500 people are engaged, will have approximately 12,000 offices and about 6,000 housing units, and will change the face of Belgrade and set in motion the construction and tourist industries.”

“This moves the country forward and shows that Serbia can do much more. This is one of the projects that will be a new landmark for the whole of our country,” said the prime minister.

He recalled that Serbia, in October this year had, on average, 13 percent more domestic and foreign tourists than last year, and said that in 2013 there were 67 categorized hotels, while this year Belgrade has 94 hotels.

This shows an increasing investment in tourism, which increased by about 12.5 percent, he said, noting that Serbia must keep the deficit under control for the country to progress.

[Source:-B 92]