How to protect your outdoor accessories from the weather

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So, you have finally got your garden looking precisely how you want it. Your garden furniture looks great, the kids have all the outdoor games they could possible want, and your decking is finally up. However, your outdoor accessories won’t stay looking great for long if you don’t take steps to protect them. Learn how you can prevent your garden tables and chairs from tarnishing, and how you can keep your children’s toys and games looking as fantastic as the first day they were assembled.

Keep it clean

A little effort goes a long way, and wiping down furniture and equipment after use, or whenever they have been exposed to the elements can help prevent moss growth, mould, and decay. Even if you place your things in storage, if they are damp or dirty when they are put away, the above problems can occur. Metal and plastic items can be wiped down and cleaned with soap and water before being thoroughly dried. Wooden garden furniture should be cleaned using sugar soap and warm water, and a scrubbing brush. Rinse off, then leave to dry naturally.

Protective coats

Once clean, many items can be given a layer of protective coating that will stave off any rust or the impact of damp. Plastic garden furniture and aluminium items can be covered in a thin coat of car wax, and metal furniture can be protected with a metal lacquer. Before covering metal items, ensure you have checked for signs of rust, and remove any rust before you apply the lacquer. Wooden furniture can be protected using woodstain or wood preservative depending on the type of wood it is.Make sure you read any instructions carefully and ensure you use the correct product for the materials you are protecting.

Invest in storage

The best way to protect your garden items from the weather, and also from thieves, is to purchase a large shed or garden storage unit. This is useful for households that only use their garden accessories infrequently, and that don’t want to leave their furniture and children’s toys on display. A purpose-built shed will be a secure choice and ensure the roof is free from any damage and any windows tightly fitted to prevent damp air and rain from getting inside.

Cover up

The simplest, and perhaps cheapest method of protection for your garden furniture and other items, is to cover them. It is sensible to buy covers specifically made for the items you are covering such as a Trampoline Cover in the size and shape of your trampoline, and individual covers for your garden table and chairs. Covers should be considered whether you store your items outside, in the garage, or in a shed, so they are protected from damp and dust.

Take pride in looking after your garden accessories, and enjoy them year after year. Get the whole family involved in maintaining the quality of outdoor items and it will soon become a habit that will teach your kids the importance of looking after their belongings.