In a sappy new social media trend, women are posting thankyou notes to their companions’ ex-girlfriends

if you were irritated by social media developments together with the ALS Ice Bucket undertaking, then you definately may need to go offline for some time until this trend disappears.
ladies head over heels in love with their wives are posting special messages on facebook, no longer to the associate in question, however to the opposite girls in his existence who “permit him go.”
each put up includes a few form of the identical message, usually starting with, “To the women who let him go, thanks a lot. thanks for ‘taking walks out of his life, for leaving him. thank you for giving me the possibility to love him, do things that might make him happy, to certainly hold him.”
The message is going on to thank the ex-girlfriends, better halves or partners of the man in question for breaking his heart and leaving him for them to discover and to fall in love with. The posts are usually followed with images of the loving couple.
The trends seems to have began on Instagram, with one of the first posts appearing on the web page of Stephanie Monique Solis, who also shared her post on facebook, on April 21.
The fashion has taken off in the last week with loads of posts appearing inside the ultimate 24 hours by myself.
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some men have were given into the act too, thanking ex-girlfriends for permitting bromance to flourish: