Surprising Facts About Private Schools

As a parent, you know that education is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your child’s life. It can be difficult to know which choice is the right one. When many moms and dads in Washington think about private school, there are certain benefits that stand out against all of the other options.

Extra Curriculars Are Important Too

Private schools have a reputation of being focused intently on academics, but it’s not the only aspect of education that these institutions value. Many academies offer STEAM programs and art curriculum, so that students can explore their interests and find what they’re truly passionate about.

Some private schools in Redmond WA also promote the study of foreign languages at a very age. Young kids usually respond better to these lessons while they’re still developing their language skills.

Rich Kids Aren’t the Only Attendees

A lot of parents discount the options of private school because they think they can’t afford it. You might be surprised to learn that many academies offer monthly payment plans to help you manage the financial commitment. You’ll likely pay less in a lump sum but spreading out the cost is a helpful benefit for those parents striving for the best education for their children.

Students Get Personalized Attention

Class sizes in private schools are typically smaller than those in public school. What this means is that your child receives far more attention in each session. A teacher can better detect when the student is having trouble and provide the dedicated instruction that he or she needs to improve their progress.

Choosing the right education for your child is a decision that you may wrestle with for a long time. However, if you’re afraid of the cost or academic focus of private school, don’t rule it out just yet. Many institutions provide the well-rounded, affordable education that every parent wishes for.