What To Do When Your Teeth Hurt

Do you have a sudden toothache? What should you do? Ignore the throbbing pain and tough it out, or call the dentist? Dental care is important to not only your general well-being but also to your future health. Taking care of the pain today will provide peace of mind down the road.

Chipped Tooth

Chipped teeth may prove problematic if enough of the tooth enamel fell away. Nerve endings could be exposed, allowing a potential infection to take place. The dentist can take an X-ray and evaluate the severity of the break. It may not need any attention; however, if the chip is deep enough, the dentist may choose to fill the tooth to prevent further sensitivity or infection. In the meantime, put some dental wax on the tooth to help keep it clean.


An abscess is a pocket of pus that gathers near the gumline or at the root of the tooth. This occurs when a bacterial infection has set in from a cavity or crack. It is a painful sensation. Dentists will use X-rays and observation to diagnose the problem. You might also receive a prescription for an antibiotic. Ultimately, the root of the tooth needs to go to prevent the bacteria from spreading further. An endodontist will perform a root canal, and then a cap will go on top of the tooth.

Seek Professional Help

Patients seem to fear calling the dentist. Pain may mean there’s a problem, and the dentist is there to help resolve it. Call your dentist for an exam. Sometimes issues arise over the weekend. If that happens, don’t feel like you need to wait. Search for Emergency dentistry Windsor terrace. Often some offices will offer weekend services.

Infections in teeth can spread, creating additional health concerns. Seeing a dentist might help resolve the issue, and get you back to normal.