Technology, warfare and culture: How America changed during Obama’s presidency

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – It’s been eight years since a new president has taken office. And since President Obama’s inauguration, the world has seen some big changes.

During those eight years, technology has probably taken its biggest leap.

A flip phone or a Blackberry were the hot gadgets, but have since been replaced with smartphones. Tablets are replacing traditional books and social media seems to be the venue of choice for expression.

“People are using social media to try to try to set an agenda of what they want to talk about, and to use social media to make sure that they’re not talking about things they don’t want to talk about,” said Professor Paul Kellstedt with the Texas A&M Department of Political Science.

This was especially the case during the last election. Social media was a forum for both political candidates and the public to toss their views around.

Terrorism, and the fear of it, has been a constant presence over the years. Today it’s ISIS. Back then it was Al Qaeda.

Al Queda’s not a phrase we hear a whole lot about these days, but it was of course when President Obama took office,” said Kellstedt. “A big part of his foreign policy was directed to try to take out Al Queda.”

As for the future, many things are uncertain. But one thing is for sure: the next time we have another inauguration in a few years, the world will be different.

[Source:-11 Alive]