These Are The 4 Common Triggers Of Your Drug Addiction

Overcoming Drug Addiction -

If you’re struggling with addiction, it’s common for you to relapse. There are many triggers in your everyday life that can affect how you navigate your recovery. For instance, if you attend celebrations and other events, you might find yourself struggling to abstain from substances like alcohol and cigarettes. However, knowing what triggers you to relapse is important. This is why these 4 common triggers can help you to maintain your recovery goals. Read on to find out more.


The thing is stress is a leading cause of your relapse. If you don’t have any structured way of coping with your addiction, you’re highly likely to be susceptible to stress triggers in your life. Research has shown that there’s an increase in wanting your drug of choice when you’re going through stressful situations. In addition, if you’ve used drugs to cope with any stressful situations in your life, you should be more prone to stress triggers more than your friend Joe, who used them for different reasons.

If you haven’t found effective ways to deal with your stress problems, you should consider evaluating the cause of your stress. This includes avoiding situations, and at times people who may be adding on to your stresses. When you practice mindfulness, it helps you to reduce how you’re feeling.

Situations Connected to your Habits

When you’re a drug addict, the social circles that you have are different when you compare them to the ones you have as you recover. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you lose touch with your old friends. You might bump into Joe on your way to buy groceries. These people and places will often remind you of your drug addiction. They can trigger a relapse in your mind somehow. Think of it as a constant reminder of whom you used to be. In some cases, these reminders can trigger you to want to go back to this person that you’re trying so hard to avoid. However, you can’t always ignore going to places in fear of bumping into your old friends. Yet, preparation is the best way to avoid relapsing should you find yourself in such a predicament. Seeing a therapist when you feel like your old life is drawing you back in is important.

Negative Emotions

Do you remember the relief that you used to get from any negative thoughts and feelings when you used to take drugs? Many drug addicts use their drugs as a temporary escape from a lot of emotional turmoil. As a result, when you’re in recovery, these emotions and thoughts can seem magnified because of how raw they are when you don’t have any temporary escape from them. It’s important for you to realize when these emotions start becoming a huge obstacle for you. Effective ways for you to deal with them include speaking to someone that you can trust.

Access to the Object of Your Addiction

Have you ever tried to quit smoking, but every time you have access to cigarettes you can’t control yourself? This is what it means when access to the object of your addiction becomes an issue that causes you to relapse. This is a normal thing to experience when you’re trying your best to turn your life around. The important thing that you can do is to try your best to stay away from your addiction. It’s easier said than done, but with an adequate drug treatment program, it can be done.

In summary, it’s essential for you to understand what can trigger you. Most importantly, you should have a way to plan for these triggers. If you don’t have a plan in place, you should visit this website