Woman learns she’s pregnant on day of husband’s wake

COURTNEY Hill held her husband’s lifeless hand at his wake and whispered the most heartbreaking news: she was pregnant.

Brian (pictured above with Courtney) was tragically killed in a truck accident on February 2. He and Courtney, from Chicago, had been trying for another child so their toddler daughter, Reagan, would have a sibling.

Courtney took a pregnancy test on the morning of his wake and discovered the bittersweet ‘positive’ result.

Little did she know she wasn’t expecting just one baby, but three.

Two weeks ago she was rushed to hospital after suffering what her family thought was a miscarriage scare.

“We were frightened that she was losing the baby,” her father, Oscar Blomgren, told CBS2 Chicago.

“She said, ‘Dad, I have news for you’.”

Photographs from Courtney’s GoFundMe page.

Photographs from Courtney’s GoFundMe page.Source:Supplied

Courtney was in shock after doctors told her “honey, you’re pregnant with triplets”.

“I haven’t had a chance to think what is really happening — and it’s happening fast,” she told the station.

Heart-achingly, Courtney says she’s “excited to have three more smiles that remind me of [my husband]”.

Her sister Amanda has set up GoFundMe account to help the family with this “spectacular and slightly scary news”.

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