On World Walking Day and beyond, walk yourself to good health

Shaul Ladany

and Sport Ministries will mark World Walking Day on Friday, November 11, to raise public awareness of the importance of physical activity for a healthy life.

The World Health Organization recommends walking or other physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week, while physical fitness experts suggest walking 10,000 steps (measured by electronic or cellphone applications) each day.

 World Walking Day was launched in 1991.

Since then, millions of participants around the world have taken to the streets for the occasion.

The event is aimed at encouraging people of all ages to integrate physical activity into their everyday lives.

This year’s events are being called “Every Minute Counts,” and are meant to encourage people to use the stairs, walk to and from your car instead of parking near your destination, bring children to school on foot and take walking trips in nature.

A total of 180 local authorities are organizing free marches around the country, of two to five kilometers distance, with schoolchildren, working-age adults and the elderly taking part.

Details of the events can be seen at the Culture and Sport Ministry’s website: www.mcs.gov.il.

Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman said that routine physical activity can prevent chronic disorders such as heart and vascular disease, diabetes and cancer. “In our busy lives, we can all find a few moments to walk. It’s possible, and its healthful,” he said.

Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev added that World Walking Day is the perfect time to decide to start walking as a habit. “It’s much more than sport. It’s a chance for quality time with your family and for a friendly conversation.

I, myself, prefer to walk along the beach, as it’s good for mental and physical health.”

[Source:-Jerusalem post]