Best Company Ever Gives PTO for Game of Thrones

There are a lot of great company perks out there, like weekly happy hours and the option to bring your dog to work. But a U.K.-based company is now the center of company-perk envy and it has nothing to do with puppies. Here’s why.

game of thrones

(Photo Credit: Wicker Furniture)

Mashable reports that +rehabstudio, a marketing agency in London, has announced that its employees will get the entire morning off the day after the Game of Thrones premiere this Sunday. Here is the internal announcement email from the company founder:

(Image: +rehabstudio/Facebook)

The announcement was also shared on the company’s Facebook page, and we pretty much totally agree with the reasoning behind it.

“We’ve given our whole team the morning off after every Game of Thrones simulaunch, because, well, it’s only fair really.”

The founding partner explains that there are some huge Game of Thrones fans in the office (much like in your own office, most likely). Bonus points for the lucky employees who benefit from this perk, because it’s also transferable to other cult shows, like The Walking Dead.

From all of us here in the U.S., we are sincerely jealous. And remember, winter is coming….


[SOURCE :-payscale]