Did you know? 5 ancient Indian habits for better health – Adopt these ways for a healthy and fit life

Did you know? 5 ancient Indian habits for better health - Adopt these ways for a healthy and fit life

New Delhi: With westernization and modernization, we have left behind a lot of our Indian habits like eating using our bare hands, or eating while squatting on the floor. We now have large dinner tables but end up eating our food in bed, in front of our TVs or on our work desks, in front of our laptops. However, going back to our basics may be a good idea to avoid lifestyle diseases and get healthier.

Ancient Indian wisdom is full of stories, folklore, and beliefs about some dos and don’ts when it comes to your body and health. Though some scientifically proven, some are still without reason and some proven to be only myths and superstitions. Here are a few that have been proven to be healthy and should be followed in our everyday lives.

Sitting on the floor to eat

Sitting on the floor and eating is healthy.

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Like already mentioned, all of us seem to have moved to dining tables (read beds and work desks) from the floor as a location to eat our food. However, according to experts, the healthiest way to eat food is to sit on the floor cross-legged while eating it. It is apparently a yogic posture called Sukhasan which opens and exercises the abdominal muscles, boosts blood circulation and increases flexibility. Eating like this is also better for digestion and may reduce problems of bloating and acidity.

Cooking in earthen pots

Cooking in earthen pots has health benefits.Photo Credits: Getty images

Cooking in earthen pots can prevent diseases like cancer as the alkaline nature of the pots balances the acidic nature of the food and cancerous cells do not develop in an alkaline atmosphere. Cooking food in earthen pots can also lead to the addition of certain mineral to the food which is very beneficial for the body.

Early dinner

Eating early is a healthy habit.

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Various religions and many old people advise us to eat before around 7 pm in the evening. A similar suggestion is also given by dietitians and nutritionists these days. The reason behind this is that when you have an early dinner, your body gets more time to relax and digest the food you have consumed. This practice can aid weight loss. Late eating may also disrupt proper sleep.

Eating with hands

Eating with hands is healthier than using forks and knives.

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Somehow we have reached a time where we find our ancient habits too embarrassing and one of them is eating with our hands. A lot of us might have even taken classes on how to eat with a fork and knife only to miss eating with our hands, but have forgotten the practice to get on with the world. Scientifically, however, eating with hands is actually very healthy. According to Ayurveda, eating with your hands makes you form a yogic position where all your fingers and thumb come together. Also according to experts, eating with hands helps your brain connect with the food better, which causes you to eat less and only as much as needed by your body. This practice may actually help with your diet and aid your weight loss.

Not stand and drink water

You should not drink water while standing.

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You may have heard your mother or grandmother scold you when you drink water while standing. It is because it is believed that when we drink while standing, the balance of fluids in our body is disturbed which causes an accumulation of excess fluids in our joints. This can lead to arthritis in the future and should be avoided.