i’m in my late 40s and need a new career – however what?

Confused man

twice per week we put up problems that will function in a drawing close pricey Jeremy recommendation column in the Saturday guardian in order that readers can provide their very own advice and hints. We then print the fine of your feedback along Jeremy’s personal insights. right here is the state-of-the-art catch 22 situation – what are your mind?

After domestic teaching my toddler for sixteen years i’m now in a function to paintings complete-time once more. I would really like to construct a new career but am struggling over a way to start.

at the same time as teaching my toddler I labored part-time for a huge chain and as a magazine researcher (the magazine is not published). In September I doubled my hours and took on a leadership position in a retail control programme.

Retail isn’t always well paid and for managers. It’s regularly very traumatic and demands quite a chunk of unpaid overtime. despite the fact that i’m happy to work more hours and love the team of humans that I paintings with, I don’t want to work as a supervisor for this business enterprise and would like to move into any other quarter.

i’m in my overdue 40s and feature GCSEs but I struggled in the course of a difficult early life and allow myself down at college and have a poor diploma.

i am sincerely unsure as to what could be first-rate to do. A family member has very kindly offered to pay for a postgraduate path, and a friend has advised that I take an MA in communications however I’m now not sure whether, at my age, this would be a benefit.

i’ve idea about seeing a life educate however the rate is off-placing.

i have enjoy in social care, research, copywriting, proofreading and bookselling and am interested by publishing and NGOs, in addition to coaching and areas of social care. I feel that i would be able to paintings properly in those areas however am concerned approximately my age and that financially I’m no longer in a function to attempt things out.

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